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WPT Poker mag: Issue 17

WPT mag cover thumbnailSlightly later in the month than I'd like - here's my ad for the day job: Rake it in this issue with our cover star Humberto Brenes. He's the cheeky chappy that brings big tournaments to life with his outlandish cries of "I'm all-in!". Also the cover has some minor poker celebrity in the form of jail-bound Paris Hilton. She featured in the WPT Celebrity Invitational in LA and we have all the highlights.
Features to look out for in this issue are:
  • Freerolling to a fortune: Using freerolls to boost your bankroll.

  • When should you show opponents what hand you won with and why.

  • Surviving the ups and downs of Poker.

  • Get the most out of playing your aces.

The illustrator appearing in this issue is Richard Holiday. Grab your copy today...
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