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New look mag, brand new website

WPT Poker issue 31 thumbnail
The last few months have been very busy for me. Firstly I had to do a redesign of my magazine, WPT Poker. My colleagues and I have produced a more focussed product aimed at the established poker playing community. We've added far more input from professional players, giving the reader far more chance to immerse themselves in the practice and atmosphere of cardroom mentality.
The look of the magazine is now more sophisticated, with a whole raft of new features. We've given the cover a matt finish which make the whole package very tactile. New articles include: Action, our front news/analysis section; New regular columnists, Doyle Brunson, Antonio Esfandiairi and Jim Mcshane; Floor, tales from tournament directors; Every Question Answered, your chance to put your questions to a poker pro; Real Life, a stars chance to share a life changing event; and many more.
The cover star this issue is Neil Channing, telling us about his big win in the Irish Open and his preparation for the World Series.
Illustrators in this issue are new contributors Chris Keegan and Tim Marrs.
If you want pick up a copy of the No.1 resource for serious players click here! On sale now.
The all new pattern site
The other project that has kept me up late is a new pattern site. Its for all those (kids through to pensioners!) who love to colour in abstract patterns. I used to love spending hours as a young'un filling in bookloads of these kind of designs. I did a websearch but found nothing beyond a few ancient sites with awful images on them. So I decided to create my own patterns for an eager audience to download, print and start colouring in. Its a great activity for when the weather is chucking stair-rods at the world.
Check out the blog for the full list of patterns you can download. More to be added regularly.
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